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Colony Genesis v1.0.9-alpha
- Improve colony pathfinding and queen AI - Adjust colony rain rate and drainage - Modify colony draw routine to make items and zones more visible - Fix colony...
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Colony Genesis v1.0.8-alpha
- Adds incidental music to time of day transitions - Fixes crash related to ladybug audio playback This release is save compatible with the previous version...
2 files
Colony Genesis v1.0.7-alpha
- Add swarm behavior to ants ('R' key) - Add flying and feeding behavior to ladybugs - Fix crash when trying to view colony when starting drone is on canopy lev...
2 files
Colony Genesis v1.0.6-alpha
- Fix possible crashes when linking other versions of Ncurses on Linux - Add flying gnats to surface view - Add plants and root systems to colony view This vers...
2 files
Colony Genesis v1.0.5-alpha
- Add 'Inspect' mode for viewing cell contents - Fix crash when view colony button is pressed and starting drone is not selected - Fix ant rendering in colony...
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Colony Genesis v1.0.4-alpha
- Adds temperature diffusion and adjusts rates - Fix for queen getting stuck in dig mode when deselected It should now be easier to maintain high enough tempera...
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Colony Genesis v1.0.3-alpha
Changelog: - Add controls to highlight all ants by behavior (SHIFT+select) - Fix frame loop timer to prevent fast forwards...
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Colony Genesis v1.0.2-alpha
Update adds pathing to foragers carrying items within the colony, greatly improving colony efficiency!...
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