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Colony Genesis v1.0.16-alpha
- Fix crash in generated colonies - Fix crash with surface ant collision - Update MIDIs This update is save compatible with previous versions...
3 files
Colony Genesis v1.0.15-alpha-hotfix1
- Fixes a crash introduced in v1.0.14-alpha when loading saved games...
3 files
Colony Genesis v1.0.15-alpha
- Fix resizing issues with GUI - Release macOS x64 build - Update MANUAL.txt Mac builds are now available for x86-64 systems. Note that the system Terminal is n...
3 files
Colony Genesis v1.0.14-alpha
- Updated GUI backend - Update dependencies and licenses This release does not contain any gameplay changes. Mac builds are planned for the near future...
2 files
Colony Genesis v1.0.13-alpha
- Add control to center view on colony (C+SHIFT) - Implement a new random walk algorithm for foraging behavior This will be the last regular update for the alph...
2 files
Colony Genesis v1.0.12-alpha
Just some small bug fixes: - Fix view centering on surface level - Fix crashes in some black colony seeds - Fix ant selection no longer affects black ant with s...
2 files
Colony Genesis v1.0.11-alpha
- Nurse ants can now move juveniles out of overheated cells - Adjust night time temperature gradient - Fix ant rendering in colony with any combination of even...
2 files
Colony Genesis v1.0.10-alpha
- Add swarm behavior to raider AI - Fix raider pathfinding on enemy trails - Add fungus growth and improved drawing - Improve black colony layout to help preven...
2 files
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awesome work. love the sound effects
started by maxbittker Jun 13, 2020
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